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!Mira que luna! Look at that moon! Resources for learning English

!Mira que luna! Look at that moon! Resources for learning English
Fernando Olivera: El rapto.- TEXT FROM THE NOVEL The goldfinch by Donna Tartt (...) One night we were in San Antonio, and I was having a bit of a melt-down, wanting my own room, you know, my dog, my own bed, and Daddy lifted me up on the fairgrounds and told me to look at the moon. When "you feel homesick", he said, just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go". So after he died, and I had to go to Aunt Bess -I mean, even now, in the city, when I see a full moon, it's like he's telling me not to look back or feel sad about things, that home is wherever I am. She kissed me on the nose. Or where you are, puppy. The center of my earth is you". The goldfinch Donna Tartt 4441 English edition

Sunday, February 14, 2016

To have the hots for someone

have the hots for someone

have the hots for somebody

to be strongly sexually attracted to someone He's got the hots for that new girl Libby.
Usage notes: sometimes used in a humorous way that is not sexual: Consumers have the hots for DSL Internet connections.

have the hots for someone

Sl. to be sexually aroused by someone. Perry has the hots for Earline.


bub‧ble [countable]
1 a ball of air or gas in liquid:
When water boils, bubbles rise to the surface.
soap bubbles
She was blowing bubbles in her milk with a straw.
2 a small amount of air trapped in a solid substance:
Examine the glass carefully for bubbles.

 a bubble of something

literary a small amount of a feeling:
A bubble of anger rose in Pol's throat.
4 also speech bubble a circle around the words said by someone in acartoon

 the bubble bursts

used for saying that a very successful or happy period of time suddenly ends:
The bubble has finally burst in the mobile phone industry.

 burst/prick somebody's bubble

to make someone suddenly realize that something is not as good as they thought it was

Friday, February 12, 2016

Armchair vocabulary

armchair noun
ADJ. big, deep, large | comfortable, comfy | battered, old, worn | leather, upholstered, wicker, wooden
VERB + ARMCHAIR be seated in, be slumped in, be sprawled in, sit in | collapse into, flop into, throw yourself into | curl up in, ease yourself into, settle into He eased himself into the big armchair.

Collocations with armchair:

 Related topics:Furniture
a comfortable chair with sides that you can rest your arms on

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hail Caesar review by The Guardian

Hail, Caesar

New Trailer

Undershit: vocabulary with pictures

American Englisha piece of underwear with or without arms, worn under a shirt

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Google+Brooklyn movie review/Brooklyn crítica de cine

Estreno de Brooklyn en España el 26 de febrero de 2016.


Google+Nice touch

Nice touch is a small detail that improves the appearance/ atmosphere/ quality/ comfort/ design/ idea, etc. of something.