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!Mira que luna! Look at that moon! Resources for learning English

!Mira que luna! Look at that moon! Resources for learning English
Fernando Olivera: El rapto.- TEXT FROM THE NOVEL The goldfinch by Donna Tartt (...) One night we were in San Antonio, and I was having a bit of a melt-down, wanting my own room, you know, my dog, my own bed, and Daddy lifted me up on the fairgrounds and told me to look at the moon. When "you feel homesick", he said, just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go". So after he died, and I had to go to Aunt Bess -I mean, even now, in the city, when I see a full moon, it's like he's telling me not to look back or feel sad about things, that home is wherever I am. She kissed me on the nose. Or where you are, puppy. The center of my earth is you". The goldfinch Donna Tartt 4441 English edition

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Try out

Meaning: to test something to see what it's like, or to see if it works properly
For example:
  • try sth out I saw these new headphones in a shop today and I tried them out. They sounded great, but they were really expensive.
  • try out sth I tried out this new meditation technique this morning, and it's great. I've felt really good all day.
Nouns often used as objects with
try outsoftware, printer, phone; relaxation technique, exercise routine, diet

Quick Quiz:
Before buying the phone, I tried it out to see
  1. if I could break it
  2. if it worked properly
  3. how much it cost

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