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!Mira que luna! Look at that moon! Resources for learning English

!Mira que luna! Look at that moon! Resources for learning English
Fernando Olivera: El rapto.- TEXT FROM THE NOVEL The goldfinch by Donna Tartt (...) One night we were in San Antonio, and I was having a bit of a melt-down, wanting my own room, you know, my dog, my own bed, and Daddy lifted me up on the fairgrounds and told me to look at the moon. When "you feel homesick", he said, just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go". So after he died, and I had to go to Aunt Bess -I mean, even now, in the city, when I see a full moon, it's like he's telling me not to look back or feel sad about things, that home is wherever I am. She kissed me on the nose. Or where you are, puppy. The center of my earth is you". The goldfinch Donna Tartt 4441 English edition

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Collocations with deep

1. I didn't want to disturb you as you seemed to be ........ in thought.
2. He took a ........ breath and then dived in.
3. I was in a very ........ sleep when all of a sudden I was woken up by this loud noise from outside.


Today's phrasal verb means: "to cause someone to become unconscious"

The boxer was knocked ........ in the tenth round.


 Score =  Correct answer:  

Today's word: "MERCY"

1. The champions were ........ in their attitude towards their opponents, and were hungry for goals, coming away as 10.0 winners.
2. It was a terrible film but ........ it was also quite short.
3. The teacher was ........ with us and decided not to give us too much homework.

Score = 
Correct answers:

Today's phrase: "........ range"

The murder victim was shot twice at ........ range.

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